Student health insurance

Why subscribe a student health insurance plan?

Health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland.

When you study in a foreign country, you have to sign up for an insurance plan in the country where you stay and you cannot keep your former insurance plan. We can offer you health insurance solutions and you can select the plan that fits you best for your studies in Switzerland, starting with CHF 74.- per month.

Who needs a student health insurance plan ?

The following students are concerned with our health insurance plan: foreigners and Swiss expatriates from at least 5 years and not employees.

Whether you are a student, doctoral candidate or trainee and whatever your university/school, we can offer you guarantees that fit your needs and personal situation at a competitive price.

You can select the best plan for you among our partner companies and we can advise you depending on your needs and situation.

Why choose our insurance

  • Negociated package with the schools
  • Adapted solution for foreign students
  • Full Package of benefits at a competitive price
  • Use a third party payment card for any prescribed medication
  • 24/7 assistance during your trip abroad
  • Quick reimbursement process of your medical costs
  • Multilingual advisors to support you
  • The insurance assists you during your internship abroad


Hospital in-patient treatment in SwitzerlandGeneral ward in Switzerland
MaternityGeneral ward in Switzerland
Childbirth costs100%
Medical rehabilitationCHF 500 / day, max. 90 days / year
Support expensesWith assistance cover
  • Return of the accompanying person:

  • Immediate family member visit: max CHF 5'000

Ambulatory treatment100%
Prescribed medication100%
Physiotherapy, Logopaedics and orthoptics100% max. CHF 3'500 / year
Osteopathy75% max. CHF 500 / year
Chiropractic care100%
Recognized alternative healing methods (homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.)100% max. CHF 1'500 / year
Prescribed glasses / contact lensesMax. CHF 200 / 3 years (without age limit)
Emergency treatment due to an accident100%
Dental treatment due to a serious illness100%
Vaccinations100% max. CHF 150 / year
VIH tests100% max. CHF 150 / 3 years
Preventive gynaecologic examination100% max. CHF 150 / year
Medical transportationWith assistance cover unlimited
Rescue transportationWith assistance cover 100% max. CHF 20'000 / year
Search and rescueWith assistance cover 100% max. CHF 20'000 / year
Additional benefits
Analysis, radiology, scanners100%
Auxiliary means100% according to the approved Swiss list
Spa treatmentCHF 10 / day, max. 21 days / year
Home careCHF 20 / day, max. CHF 2'000 / year
Organ transplants100%
Hospitalization100% max. double LAMal tariff
Medical assistanceWorldwide
Travel assistanceWorldwide
Assistance and legal protection abroadWorldwide
Public liabilitymax. CHF 3'000'000 / claim - Woldwide

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Assurance étudiant student insurance

Premium insurance from CHF 74.- / month!

Benefit from a student health insurance solution which is compliant with the Swiss regulation and that will cover you in all situations.

Compare insurance offers

Before you sign up for a student health insurance plan, it is best to compare several offers in order to pick the best cover depending on your needs.

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